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Bring on the Cold

Winter is almost here so before I settle into a long winter’s nap I like to prep my house for the shorter days and longer nights. The key to easing into the chill is to surround myself with cozy items to keep me warm throughout the long months ahead.

Born and raised in Southern California I grew up with just a few degrees of difference from season to season. I now live in Georgia where the summers are hot and humid and the winters are cold and frigid. I’ve learned that the key to my survival for the long winter months is to be prepared ahead of time. The time to prep is now so here are a few of my favorite things to stay cozy all winter long…

Cozy Vibes is about welcoming the cold with anything and everything that melts the frost. Toasty bonfire gatherings, soft snuggly fluff, warm candlelight glow, and air purifying botanicals make the season cozy. A curation of neutral toned winter must haves to add comfort, warmth and spark to any decor!

Gathering outside around a warm fire is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the first chill of the season. This rustic metal cauldron by Terrain is the ideal centerpiece to set the scene! Simple yet dramatic and large enough to create the perfect bonfire. Imagine lively conversations with loved ones or quiet time alone. Either way, welcome the cold with a cozy crackling fire that warms the heart as well as everything else.

As the cold sets in a soft textured wrap is the perfect way to say goodbye to indoor chill. This oversized throw by Crate & Barrel is warm and cozy. An ivory chunky handknit blanket with whimsical pom-poms add a bit of winter flair to any decor. Drape it on a sofa or bed to make it irresistible to avoid enveloping in a warm hug morning, noon, and night.

Welcome the darkness of longer winter nights with the warm glow of candlelight throughout the house. Textured glass hurricane candle holders by Crate & Barrel add extra spark to any room. Group several together to create a cozy glow as a beautiful centerpiece for any tabletop setting.

Live plants create spaces that are not only beautiful but healthy. Bring the outdoors in and enhance the air you breathe with purifying botanicals. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem, there are plenty of easy to care for plants to decorate your home with. Look for plants that don’t require a lot of water or light to thrive. Rubber plants like this one come in a variety of sizes, have rich color and are easy to maintain. Clean air is always a good idea for any interior space any time of the year but especially in the winter when we find ourselves inside day and night!

As soon as my winter prepping is complete, I have no problem letting the cold settle in. I know that the warmth that I’ve created physically will sustain me mentally through the coldest of days. Time to snuggle up and get cozy. As long as I’m warm and toasty I’m ready to enjoy the long cold months ahead.

~ Claudia


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