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Minimalist Christmas Decor

If you are considering a minimalist approach to Christmas decorations this year, I’ve got some great visual inspirations! A few things to consider before you start: make it modern and give purpose to each piece of decor. Let’s explore the many ways to create a serene and cozy home for a beautiful simplified holiday season.

Minimalist Christmas Decor
Visual Board by Claudia McBain Designs

When it comes to decorating my house, I prefer to start with Christmas tree and use it as my design inspiration for the rest of the house. Repeat colors and textures throughout each space to tie back to the tree’s decor, keeping the overall design throughout the house cohesive.

Less is more when it comes to a minimalist approach to decorating for the holidays. Keep the decorating simple. Itemize all your Christmas decorations into groups of similar items and use only what makes you happy. I love the organic simplicity of unfinished wood so here is an example of a grouping that coordinates nicely together.

There is no need to over decorate when the season is full of natural rich colors and textures. A rustic wooden bowl displaying pomegranates is simple yet dramatic way to highlight the beauty of this seasonal fruit.

The joy of seasonal sounds are just as important as the visual displays. It’s easy to incorporate bells into any Christmas themed decor. Tie a simple jingle bell to the front door knob with a pretty ribbon for a festive way to greet your guests as they come to visit. If you are creative and strategic when adding this holiday favorite your house sing with Christmas joy.

Displaying similar items together is a simple yet effective way to decorate for the holidays. Highlighting individual color, texture and size within a coordinated group is visually pleasing.

Using natural materials found in the backyard is another example of a minimalist approach to decorating for Christmas. Create a wreath embellish with a single ornament for just the right amount of shine. A beautiful holiday display that’s festive and simple.

The sense of smell is a powerful enhancer to any visual display. Adding another layer to the cheerfulness of the season. Make your own potpourri by gathering all the holiday fruits and spices and simmer on your stovetop. Keep the pot on a slow simmer and you’ll have the smell of Christmas throughout the day.

Decorate your gifts using the same minimalist theme. Displayed at the foot of the tree, the gift wrapping design adds to the tree’s overall holiday decor. Use plain wrapping paper and embellish with simple twine and seasonal greenery to make your gifts festive. Here are some other ideas for beautiful yet simple gift wrapping.

Finally, add touches of white glowing lights, warm fluffy wraps, and simple unique and personalized Christmas decor.

Enjoy a minimalist Christmas decor approach this holiday. The joys of simplifying your Christmas decorating will balance with the hustle and bustle of the season. Celebrate the simple things that make this time of year so special!

You can find all links and more via my Pinterest board, Minimalist Christmas Decor at CMcBainDesign


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