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Preserved Botanicals

Exploring the beauty of dried flowers and the art of herbal apothecary. Fall is the time of year to start the journey. Let’s discuss some of the basics but don’t be afraid to experiment!

From beginning to end the process of drying flowers and herbs is not only a feast for the senses but a therapeutic experience as well.

All things organic can be preserved. It‘s about providing the proper space and allowing time to do it’s thing.

Ceilings and walls are ideal spots for hanging bouquets to dry quietly and undisturbed.

After weeks and sometimes months, it’s time to gather and properly store the preserved botanicals.

I don’t know about you but I could live in this place. Surrounded by all this beauty is a dream come true!

Finding the proper storage container is important to preserving the color and aromatics of the dried botanicals. Glass jars are not only a beautiful way to store your dried flowers and herbs but the material is also perfect for keeping the items dry.

Dried flowers and herbs can also be preserved to create essential oils or honey to make simple syrups.

Exploring what to do with dried flowers and herbs is part of the fun. The possibilities are endless!

Get the links to all the photos from this post and keep exploring the magic of preserving and creating via my Pinterest board, Preserved Botanicals.


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