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Elegant Halloween Home Decor

How to decorate your home for an elegant Hallow’s Eve without the gruesome details. Combine architectural materials and somber colors to create a sophisticated eerie Halloween with old world charm.

A simple yet unique idea for creating the feeling of an abandoned house is to strew branches descending down a staircase. Dark flower arrangements, unique DIY projects and candles are dramatic and stylish displays for creating a moody vibe.

Another way to add interest throughout the house is to make mini scenes from inexpensive or thrift store items. Be creative with placement, add a flock of crows to a door frame for an unexpected display that will surely catch your eye. Strategically placed spider webs, stacked pumpkins and dried leaves create a spooky entrance for all your treat or treaters on Halloween night.

Add pops color to a monochrome theme. Use fresh or dried flowers in deep rich colors such as blood red. They look elegant yet creepy. Create a unique insect collage display by spray painting large plastic bugs and mounting them on black wooden panels. A simple branch painted black is an easy decoration to add to any room or display.

Think creatively and make your home shine in the dark with moody and dramatic flare. All photos used in the visual boards were all curated from Pinterest. Follow my Pinterest board ELEGANT HALLOWEEN HOME DECOR for more inspirational ideas.

Happy Halloween!

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